Need the best Online Email Service Around? Google do two things right: Search & Email. GMail is the most popular email service around and with Google Apps it will knock your socks off. Get all the functions of your normal email and much more!

Cloud Storage

All of your emails are stored in the cloud, so if your computer doesn’t work, you still have all of your emails online for you to quickly start working again.

Web Mail

The future of Email is moving away from Desktop systems like Outlook. Google has the best online mail program that will make your life easier. Never be tied to one computer again.

Google Docs

Not only do you get a great email service but you also get Googles Online Calendar service & their amazing Google Docs online Editor. A great way to share company files!.

Who Use's It

Google Apps is used by the smallest and the largest business's around the world. From small firms all the way up to companies like NZPost. This is the best thing for email since the spam filter!

Almost Half of Enterprise Cloud Email Is Now GMail

With cloud computing growing at such a rate, it is the time to set your business on the right path with Google Apps. Companies such as NZ Post have moved over 2,000 of their employees onto Google Apps. See some of the outstanding features below:

  • Save all your emails in the cloud
  • Use Outlook with Google Apps
  • Run the best online mail program for your business
  • Have your business
  • Use Google Document for Sharing Docs and Spreadsheets
  • Use Google Calendar with all your phone & Computer

Our Plans

Google Mail is free up to 1 users with your website. When you want more than 1 user, Google charges us, so we need to upgrade to a higher plan. This plan includes 25GB of storage for each account (nearly 4x standard storage amounts), better security and the use of other Google business services such as Google Video.

The cost once you reach 1+ users is only:

$12 + GST per user per month


$100 + GST per user per year (If paid Annually)


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